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Building lives with Faith, Prayer and a whole lot of laughter.

Valuing Gross Health Over Net Weight

Tony and Rhonda are the very proud parents of 3 brilliantly talented girls and one very handsome and loving boy. Their hope is to instill in each of them, the same passion for people that they both have. Loving the world so the world will love itself.

Both Tony and Rhonda enjoy being in the kitchen together. The challenges of creating something new to eat on a strict meal plan are REAL. They enjoy being able to provide a different meal, every day, so their customers can enjoy healthy eating without feeling trapped in the same taste pallets.

“When we were young, Tony and I were the picture of fitness. As adulting parents we have learned the struggle of a healthy lifestyle. It often seems impossible to manage healthy eating, a healthy home, working out while keeping moderately active outside the gym, and keeping small humans alive. It can be extremely stressful and that is exactly where our passion comes from. We just get it.”

Rhonda and Tony understand that every journey is different. They relate to the lifestyle changes, the demands of life and the absence of precious time. Whether you have kids, pets or are just on the go all the time there is no doubt that we live in a society that demands way more time aways from healthy habits.

“With this business we want to be your little ray of sunshine when it comes to feeding your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and to stay active. Whether you are trying to reach new goals or maintain them, change your lifestyle for a longer life or just want to feel better about what you are eating, we are here.”

It means something to value your health. Rhonda and Tony work hard and work often because they..

Value Gross Health over Net Weight.

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Ronda Gross

Ronda Gross

Tony Gross

Tony Gross


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Lead Kitchen Attendant

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